NJ Turtle Pictures started when two neighbors wanted to get into the movie business. While one of the two started NJ Turtle Pictures, the other took it upon himself to form Blackhawk Productions. (Which is now My Computer Studios) The two came together, and hence came the first production.

The Lost and the Found- A live action film that was never completed and never released.(partially due to its stupidity, but mostly due to the fact that the main actress couldn't get her part right. The scene she was in, is to this day, not finished) Some of the footage has also been lost, though it was all outtakes of the unfinished scene. We still have two of them.

NINJArule- a less-than-a-minute stop motion film that consisted of 54 frames and abnormal credits that were longer then the actual production. (two of the shots even included the finger of the cinematographer!)

Rise and Fall- a short movie that had an original version and a remastered version. In the original version, the pictures were about 4 seconds each and faded between each other. the film was accompanied by music from Green Day, specifically the song "Warning". On the remastered edition the pictures moved very quickly to make the movement look more real. The clip was accompanied by the song "Castles made of Sand" by Jimi Hendrix. The film was deleted during a system restore.

Superguy:the movie- animated with MS paint and windows movie maker. Yeah, one of NJ Turtle's biggest productions that was originally supposed to be a trilogy. The sequel, Superguy Returns, had begun production and the first scene was finished, until a technology upgrade at the NJ Turtle Co. stopped production and the trilogy itself. Now it is a classic, and has been totally remastered in Sony Vegas Pro 8.
You can view it on Youtube, or right here.

As this page grows, I hope to actually get out some of the videos for public viewing. Thank You

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