Our Productions

NJ Turtle Pictures has a range of productions that have been accomplished. (newest-oldest)

Superguy Returns-Superguy is back! A summer's worth of work finally paid off, and new life is brought into the teal faced superhero from the NJT classic Superguy: the movie. This is the first film of Nick J to be presented in High Definition and also the first to include 3D animation. In the story, Superguy returns to his hometown after bringing justice to other parts of the world. Keeping a simple plot and 2D characters, NJT is hoping to revive the feel of the original, but in a way more visually stunning manner. The programs used to produce this film are as follows: Sony Vegas Pro 8, Blender 3D, MS Paint, Adobe After Effects, Particle Illusion, and Pivot Animation. All music by Kevin Macleod and all 3D models made and animated by Nicholas J.

Forsaken- Forsaken is a project made with the video game The Movies. Its official release date was March 28, 2008 and brought some new effects. In this production however, the music wasn't all orchestral.

Rendezvous- pronounced Rondevou is a short film made with The Movies that made its original debut in early 2008.
It was rereleased in March of 2008, and then removed from the internet a month later.

Agents- this consisted of two seperate 15 second shorts. They were made when vegas was first acquired and included hardcore visual effects and action.

Pennies Have Minds of Their Own- a delightful claymation film that has been lost forever. There was also an animated version from My Computer Studios. This was made before the sony vegas era of the njturtleco.
There has been deep consideration at NJ Turtle Pictures to remake this project.

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